Fertility Reflexology: preconception care

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Balance in a woman‘s emotional and physical well-being is extremely important in the attempt to conceive, and this is where reflexology can be useful:

  • helping to balance your hormones, regulate your periods and stimulate ovulation;
  • relieving stress to promote deep relaxation physically and emotionally;
  • supporting your immune system and assisting with more efficient functioning of body systems to stimulate your body’s own healing mechanisms;
  • ridding your body of toxins – reflexology is a very detoxifying therapy;
  • aiding good nerve supply to your reproductive organs.

Reflexology with Priscila Albino*, before pregnancy, can be combined with a Nutrition and Lifestyle consultation with Katherine Ung (Foresight fertility practitioner) if desired.

* Please note that Priscilla does not treat women taking fertility drugs or women undergoing IVF treatment.

Foresight Foresight

A course of reflexology can complement a course of colonic irrigation as part of the preparation for conception if desired.

6 months is the ideal amount of preparation time for the body before conception.

Maternity Reflexology: how can reflexology benefit you during pregnancy?

Reflexology is suitable for women after they have passed the first trimester (after 3 months).

Pregnancy is a time of major physical and psychological adjustments for a woman.

Your body is not only undergoing hormonal and psychological changes as you nurture your unborn child for 40 weeks, you will also be adjusting and coping with the emotions associated with this major life change, whether this is your first child or a new addition to the family.

Maternity Reflexology can help mothers-to-be:

  • with treatment that is both relaxing and restorative. A well deserved treat for all you mothers-to-be!
  • by providing a very effective way of easing common problems associated with a pregnant woman’s body changes, such as: anxiety, tiredness, insomnia, nausea, vomiting (morning sickness), constipation, backache, sciatica and pelvic discomfort;
  • Help to achieve a natural labour and reduce labour time.

The Therapist: Priscila A. Albino


I am a fully registered and insured member of the Association of Reflexologists (download certificate here).

My approach is caring and intuitive while giving precise and effective treatments that are both relaxing and grounding.

A high level of professionalism and skill are standards I pride myself on and since every woman is an individual I ensure that each session is tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

I look forward to offering you Pregnancy Reflexology in the comfort of your own home which is the perfect environment for you to begin to feel relaxed before we even begin.

Prices for home visit* fertility / maternity reflexology in London:

  • Single treatment: £80 for in clinic or Home Visit and £75 for follow up visits.
  • Deposit: £30

* Priscila is able to visit you within Zone 1 central London locations. Zone 2 locations may be available upon request.

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