10+ Reasons to do a Liver & Gallbladder Flush  

Written by Katherine Ung on Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Your liver is your largest internal organ and right now thousands of hardened bile and fat deposits are accumulating in it. These gallstones are clogging up both your gallbladder and your liver and in turn preventing free flowing bile. Take a look at the photo above. Just a nice sample of gallstones collected by one of my recent patients from her last  liver and gallbladder flush. Lovely!

The liver must produce at least 1.5 liters of bile per day in order to maintain a healthy digestive system and efficiently send nutrients to all the cells of your body. The job of the gallbladder is to concentrate and store the bile.

Gallstones are preventing bile from reaching your intestines and in turn preventing detoxification, stressing your liver and subsequently your entire body. All health problems are directly or indirectly linked to lack of free flowing bile due to gallstones in your gallbladder and liver.

What Causes Gallstones?

  • Transfats; found in- in margarine, vegetable oil, crisps, cakes, biscuits, fried food
  • Cheese and Milk
  • Chocolate and Confectionary
  • Red meat and Eggs
  • Smoking, Alcohol, Caffeine, Stress and Overeating
  • Diet foods and Artificial sweeteners
  • Not eating Good Essential Fats (‘no fat’ diets)

11 Reasons to Cleanse your Liver and Gallbladder

Liver and gallbladder cleansing can boost everyone’s health and prevent diseases.  Here are some of the most important reasons to start cleansing.

1. Prevent Heart Disease and Rebalance Cholesterol

Did you know the side effects of Statins include Kidney failure, Liver disease and Heart failure?! High levels of LDL cholesterol are not a cause of heart disease, they are an indication of a congested liver and of your poor diet and lifestyle.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs; Statins, artificially lower the level of cholesterol in the blood. However artificially lowering cholesterol means that bile is not formed properly and this increases the accumulation of gallstones, in turn preventing you from metabolising fats and removing harmful toxins from your body.

If you want to prevent heart disease and strokes, cleanse your liver and gallbladder of gallstones, restore free flowing bile to rebalance LDL and HDL levels naturally and avoid statins and all of their dangerous side effects ,


2. Prevent Cancer & Diabetes and Balance Hormones

Gallstones in the liver interfere with hormonal pathways, causing hormonal imbalances. The liver regulates hormones including sex hormones, thyroid hormones, insulin, glucagon, cortisol, and aldosterone.

Women with any kind of period problems should consider cleansing the Liver as the first step to resolving them.

Women with the highest levels of oestrogen and related hormones have over twice the average risk of breast cancer and womb cancer.  A clean healthy liver will efficiently breakdown hormones. In men, high levels of oestrogen can lead to ‘manboobs’; excessive breast tissue. If blood insulin is not broken down properly the body may become resistant to insulin, leading to diabetes.

3. Prevent Osteoporosis (brittle bones)

Stools that float indicate that fat has not been properly metabolised. If fat is not absorbed properly, neither is calcium.

Your blood will then claim calcium from your bones. Insufficient bile production and insufficient fat metabolism is a far greater factor in bone density problems; e.g brittle bone disease (osteoporosis) than not eating enough calcium. Cleansing your liver and gallbladder will protect your bones, keeping you strong!

4. Prevent Gall Bladder surgery

Doctors believe that the gallbladder is a non essential organ. Well god gave it to us for a reason, it’s purpose is to store and concentrate bile.

Cutting it out and throwing it away isn’t such a wise idea and does nothing to remove the thousands of gallstones that are stuck in your liver!

So prevent gallbladder surgery by cleansing both your liver and gallbladder and avoid surgery.

5. Resolve Acne & skin conditions naturally

Did you know the side effects of Roaccutane include severe psychiatric problems, inflammatory bowel disease, damage to the liver, kidneys, central nervous system, pancreas, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, Crohn’s Disease, Hepatitis and Lupus?

Nearly every person with skin diseases such as acne eczema and psoriasis has gallstones in their liver and impure toxic blood. Restoration of healthy skin can be achieved through cleansing the liver of gallstones, avoiding the need for dangerous medicines such as Roaccutane or immune system lowering antibiotics.

6. Rebalance Weight & eliminate fluid retention

Gallstones in the liver are preventing the hormones oestrogen and aldosterone from being broken down and detoxified.

These hormones regulate water balance and water retention is actually the biggest problem for overweight people, far more so than body fat.

Removing these gallbladder stones will rebalance weight through the balancing of salt and water in the body.

7.  Metabolise fat

Free flowing bile will metabolise and break down fat. No more floating stools! Gallstones prevent the liver from delivering the proper amounts of nutrients and energy to the right places in your body at the right time. A clean liver will burn fat as it efficiently distributes fuel to all the cells of your body.

8. Detoxification

The liver filters about 2 pints of blood per minute. Gallstones are preventing the liver’s ability to detoxify external and internally generated harmful toxins in the blood.

The liver’s job is to deactivate hormones, alcohol and medicinal/recreational drugs so that they lose their potentially harmful effects. Only once the liver is free of gallstones can it do this job effectively.

9. Resolve Constipation

Free flowing bile is essential to deacidify and clean the intestines. A liver full of gallstones is preventing free flowing bile and this may be the underlying cause of any constipation problems.

10. Emotional Release

Clear signs of liver congestion are emotional issues relating to anger, frustration, resentment or emotional attachment. Someone with an impulsive or explosive personality or with extreme mood swings such as in manic depression, bi polar disorder or excessive irritability is displaying liver dysfunction.

Cleansing the liver and gallbladder will allow an opportunity for transformation both physically and emotionally, letting go of aggression, mental rigidity and negative feelings.

11. Healthy bright Eyes

The eyes are a direct reflection of the liver. Cataracts, glaucoma, inflamed, red or dry eyes, night blindness, near or far sightedness, and other visual abnormalities are simply mirroring the state of your liver. Vision problems are usually the result impure blood.

A liver free of gallbladder stones will clean your blood. Nutrient rich blood can then fully nourish your eyes and improve most eye problems

What does the Liver & Gall Bladder Flush Involve?


The liver & gallbladder flush takes place overnight and can easily be done over a weekend or when you have at least one day to rest following the overnight ‘flush’. It takes 6-8 flushes to clean out the liver and gallbladder with recommended intervals of 3-4 weeks between flushes.

The only things you need are apple juice (preferably made from organic granny smith apples), epsom salts for drinking, extra virgin olive oil and 3 pink grapefruits. Look at the picture, this is what you need to buy for the flush.

organic olive oil mild grapefruit

Tasty extra virgin olive oil

Full instructions will be provided by your personal colon hydrotherapist, if you don’t already have one I advice to consult our detox programs and book an appointment here at HydroHolistic. One or more colonics may be needed before the ‘flush’ to ensure the bowel is sufficiently clean so that the gallstones can easily move overnight from the liver into the bowel without obstruction. Following the overnight flush, a colonic should be taken the next day to remove the gallstones.

Prevent Diseases by Cleansing your Liver and Gallbladder

A clean liver and gallbladder, with free flowing bile will mean effective detoxification; kicking toxins out and keeping healthy blood in. Cleansing your liver and gallbladder will allow you to avoid harmful medication & unnecessary surgery, restore your vitality and keep you free of diseases.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s restore you Liver to a lean mean, Fat burning, Detox machine!

For further reading buy the book The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse by Andreas Moritz, you can also read the book online on google-books or download the electronic version from Andrea Moritz’s web-site.


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