13 Gluten Free & Grain Free Carbohydrates

Is something upsetting your gut? Do you suffer with joint pain, sinusitis, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), foggy brain, hives, sluggishness or fatigue? Do you suspect you may be suffering with a food intolerance? Well 45% of the population do suffer with a food intolerance and that could include you.

How to Resolve Food Intolerances

In this article I am going to share with you information on how to identify IgG food intolerances through symptoms or by the York food intolerance test, how to resolve these food sensitivities and alternative foods you can eat in the meantime. Food intolerances affect 45% of the population, so it could well be you that is suffering from conditions such as I.B.S, Bloating, unexplained tiredness, migraines, skin conditions, gas, cramps, irritability. Food intolerances can develop into conditions such as Leaky Gut Syndrome and Candida and these can also be resolved. So ByeBye Bloating, Hello Health

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