Did you know that the bowel is 5 to 6 feet long? Toxic faecal waste accumulates in the pockets of
the colon and becomes glued to the colon wall. Colonic Irrigation will help to “clean you out”,
boost your immune system and leave you feeling lighter, fresher and energised.

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  • Save up to £115, Book one of our Colon Cleansing Courses!

    HydroHolistic offers the most convenient prices for courses of Colonic Irrigation in London.

    Try the effectiveness of a course of Colonic Hydrotherapy and save a bunch of money.

    Save £115
    Book a course of 6 
    Save £35
    Book a course of 3 

  • Detox Programs for Liver Cleansing,
    Revitalisation & Weight Loss

    • Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanse
    • 10 Day Ultra Clear Detox
    • 3 Day Vegetable Juice Fast
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  • How Might You Benefit From Colonic Hydrotherapy?

    1. Improve bowel regularity
    2. Improve digestion
    3. Increase energy levels and improve mood
    4. Clearer & brighter skin complexion
    5. Boost your immune system
    6. Alkalise your body
    7. Assist in weight balancing and body shaping
    8. Hydration of the body
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  • Why You Should Choose HydroHolistic? For 10 Good Reasons!

    1. Professional therapist Katherine Ung, registered to The Institute of Professional Colon Hydrotherapy
    2. Courses discount, book now and save up to £115
    3. Fully disposable equipment is used for each treatment
    4. Lifestyle, nutritional and supplement advice included
    5. En-suite facilities ensure privacy
    6. The treatment method used is odourless
    7. You get personal and attentive service that suits your needs
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  • How Might You Benefit from Physiotherm Infra Red Sauna?

    1. Removes Toxins and Heavy Metals
    2. Boosts metabolism and aids weight loss
    3. Reduces Cellulite
    4. Glowing Radiant Skin
    5. Natural Pain Relief and healing of sports injuries
    6. Exercises the Cardiovascular system
    7. Boosts Mood and lifts depression with Sunlight therapy
    8. Boosts immune system
    9. Promotes deep restful sleep
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New colonic clinic room just opened in Jesus, IBIZA. Bienvenido! hidroterapia de colon https://t.co/ASglHtrxeC 
When birds eat plastic. https://t.co/v99Tr6o82X We don't have to be perfect. We can all reduce plastic consumption. 
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