9 Reasons to Choose HydroHolistic

  • 1. Professional and Certified Therapist

    HydroHolistic is run by Katherine Ung a certified Colon Hydrotherapist, registered to The Institute of Professional Colon Hydrotherapy.

  • 2. Fully Disposable Equipment is Used for Each and Every Ereatment.

    Other places may use sterilisation methods but why risk it?
    Feel safe in the knowledge that your equipment hasn’t been anywhere else before you.

  • 3. The Treatment Method Used is Odourless

    I chose to work with the gravity, closed system rather than colonic “machines”. As with massage, would you rather have a skilled therapist or a man made machine? Technology is not always the answer.
    Throughout the treatment I will use specialised massage techniques whilst providing expert control and analysis.
    The closed system means the waste is fully contained, making the whole treatment far more pleasant as it is odourless. Other clinics may use Open-System machines. These D.I.Y services can be a smelly, messy and unsatisfactory experience.
    Leave the technicalities to me, relax, and receive a far deeper cleanse.

  • 4. En-suite Facilities Ensure Privacy

    Here you will have your own en-suite bathroom; Unlike some big colonic clinics with shared facilities and other on-looking clients. Here your privacy is maintained.

  • 5. Herbs and Implants

    High grade herbs may be incorporated into the colonic water within a course of treatments at no extra charge, aiding in the detoxification process. Herbs are particularly useful for parasite cleansing and smoothing inflammation.
    Coffee implants are also available upon request.

  • 6. Lifestyle, Nutritional and Supplement Advice

    You will experience far greater benefits and improvements to your condition when colonics are combined with lifestyle/nutritional changes.
    I will provide you with the knowledge you need to make your own positive choices and improvements to your well-being.

    You will begin to experience the benefits after just one colonic but several treatments are recommended for a deep cleanse and for long term health.

  • 7. Personal Service

    You will receive personalised and attentive service. Unlike some big clinics, you will not see a different therapist at each visit.
    Instead, I will be here to treat you throughout your course of treatments, providing ongoing assessment of your progress.

    8. Specialist in Colonic Irrigation

    This is not a do-it-all clinic, from botox, teeth whitening through to colonics.
    Colonics transformed my life, I love what I do and I do it with a passion.
    After experiencing many other clinics, I wanted to create an environment that I myself would like to visit and get a great colonic!

  • 9. Physiotherm Infra Red  Detox Sauna

    Experience a rejuvinating, relaxing and highly detoxifying Physiotherm Infra Red Sauna as part of your detox experience.
    Infrared heat induced sweat contains 5-6 times more toxins, fat and impurities than normal sweat.
    Eliminate heavy metals, metabolic wastes, environmental toxins, fat, cholesterol, alcohol, drugs and nicotine.

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