HydroHolistic New Website & Blog Launched

Welcome to my blog on Colon Health and Natural health tips. I’ve decided to start a blog as I want to share the knowledge that I have gathered over the years with you.

It’s certainly been a bit of a journey for myself and the most important tool has been knowledge. Knowledge has enabled me to make my own choices and decisions to help improve my health.  So by sharing it all with you I hope you can do the same.

It’s not about rules, it’s about choices.  I am a real-world therapist that understands modern living, especially London living.  It’s about balance, and that small changes can make a big difference.  It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  But that knowledge will make it easier to make healthy choices.  And healthy choices don’t have to mean ‘boring’ choices or ‘boring foods’.  It’s about discovering new things or new foods and new ways to do things.

And that being healthy or improving our health can be Fun! Aswell as helping us to feel great or look better.

It’s about taking responsibility for our own health, be that good or bad.  That if we empower ourselves and our bodies, and boost our immune systems then we certainly don’t need to depend or blame doctors anymore.

Waiting till you are ill is far too late.

I hope my blog will help you stay WELL and keep healthy and understand that prevention truly is better than cure.

This blog will be a new way for me to communicate with you all.  It will be an extension of my new website- which I hope you are already enjoying – a special thanks to Fede and Nemesis Design for creating a place on the web that really represents everything I have wanted to achieve.

I hope you will enjoy reading about my handy health tips and find ways to incorporate them into your own lives.

Writing this blog will also keep myself on track! Afterall, we all need a little reminding from time to time and that includes myself.  So helping myself to stay healthy will also in turn help all of you, well I certainly hope so!

So, take a step away from the medicine cabinet.  Look after yourselves, keep well and keep it Natural!

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  1. Federico Capoano

    I’m very happy that we achieved to communicate what you had to say to the world effectively.

    I wish you best luck with this web site, blog and your business!


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